Christian Perspectives

Seeing the World as a Slave of Christ


We are slaves to Christ, and by extension, we are slaves to all people. Christian Perspectives exists to help believers better understand reality as a slave of Christ.

All of our authors subscribe to the Baptist Faith & Message 2000 doctrinal statement. We uniquely desire unity in the Southern Baptist Convention across the great soteriological debate seeing both sides as biblically viable. Our main concern is not debate, but the Gospel going to the nations. That being said, our authors will express their convictions in their articles.

Doctrine for Devotion Preview - Hello readers! Thanks for coming to this page. I originally designed this work for my 7th grade doctrine class. However, I quickly realized that it could be expanded to a wider audience. I want to know your honest opinion on the chapter. Is the content worth publishing? Are the questions engaging? Do you come away […]
The Battle of Personal Liberty - Liberty risks security and certainty. Liberty grants responsibility to the individual. There are two major goals for personal liberty that I have observed recently. One is the goal of “whatever feels good to me.” This personal liberty is not so much coerced by anyone, but will coerce others to bow to one’s selfish whims no […]
The Usefulness of Old Testament Law - The Old Testament contains a variety of laws and legal categories. Some laws govern civil matters, other laws (e.g. Deut. 22:8), to laws governing the clothes individuals wear (e.g. Num. 15:38). Pragmatically, Christians do not follow all these over 600 commandments. So, can the Old Testament law be used at all in developing Christian ethics? […]
Natural Law Theory Explained and Applied - How should one conduct his life on a regular basis? Various ethical theories introduced opposing answers to this question based upon differing philosophical and religious presuppositions. Natural law is one such theory that essentially argues that morality derives from ontology. This definition is basic because it assumes design without any particular identity of the designer. […]
Indicators of Genuine Conversion - So, what are the indicators of genuine conversion? What can we look for, at a rudimentary, an elementary, a basic level, to discover if our conversion is genuine? Paul notes some of these very things in his opening to the letter of the Thessalonians

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