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Seeing the World as a Slave of Christ


We are slaves to Christ, and by extension, we are slaves to all people. Christian Perspectives exists to help believers better understand reality as a slave of Christ.

All of our authors subscribe to the Baptist Faith & Message 2000 doctrinal statement. We uniquely desire unity in the Southern Baptist Convention across the great soteriological debate seeing both sides as biblically viable. Our main concern is not debate, but the Gospel going to the nations. That being said, our authors will express their convictions in their articles.

Same-Sex Attraction and the Cross: Part 2 - In my previous article on the issues of homosexuality and Christianity, (as found here), I defined same-sex attraction as being limited to experiencing sexual arousal from the same sex, while homosexuality is when one is attracted to the same sex and also actively pursues a lifestyle of homosexuality. In that post, we looked at the […]
What is the New Apostolic Reformation? - What is the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) and why do people need to familiar with it?[1]  I have been asked quite a bit over the years, and here more recently, what is the NAR?  The name is ambiguous and spiritually mystical, however it does have a charismatic “vibe” to it. This would not be a […]
How to Gain Access to God - In this devotional we will explore how, despite our flaws, to gain access to the almighty God. Text: Hebrews 7:11-19 (11) Now if one could gain access to God through the Levitical priesthood, (for the people knew the law by the priesthood), what need would there be for a priest to arise in the order […]
Inclusivism? -  Inclusivism Defined What is inclusivism? Gregg Allison provides the following definition for Inclusivism in The Baker Compact Dictionary of Theological Terms: “With regard to Christianity and other religions, the position that salvation comes through Christ yet extends beyond Christianity to include adherents of religions like Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism. Like exclusivism, inclusivism affirms that the […]
Greater than Abraham - In this devotional on Hebrews 7, we will again visit the obscure mysterious Melchizedek and discover why exactly he is so important to understand. In doing this, we will also see some major themes to the Abrahamic covenant and just why it is so significant that Melchizedek is greater than Abraham. Finally, this will lead […]

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