Christian Perspectives

Seeing the World as a Slave of Christ


We are slaves to Christ, and by extension, we are slaves to all people. Christian Perspectives exists to help believers better understand reality as a slave of Christ.

All of our authors subscribe to the Baptist Faith & Message 2000 doctrinal statement. We uniquely desire unity in the Southern Baptist Convention across the great soteriological debate seeing both sides as biblically viable. Our main concern is not debate, but the Gospel going to the nations. That being said, our authors will express their convictions in their articles.

Is Lying Ever Okay? - Truth–telling can, in certain contexts (e.g. betrayal), do as much harm as telling a lie.
What Christians Need to Know About CRT and Oppression - Oppression is a reality of life. How should Christians respond to oppression? How should Christians respond to popular theories?
Oceans Against Obedience - A trending theme in Disney movies set near large bodies of water is disobedience. Obviously, if you want your children to obey, you may consider choosing the mountains over the beach for a vacation. Okay, maybe not. But you may want to consider the morals of Disney’s ocean-related movies because recently they are answering the […]
Ignoring the Porn Problem. . .? - The New York Times published an opinion article entitled If You Ignore Porn, You Aren’t Teaching Sex Ed by Peggy Orenstein. Orenstein recounts the number of times recently that parents have been coming to school board meetings and berating boards for different sex curriculums. She cites one particular incident where a school was teaching junior […]
The Upside Down Kingdom - Jesus's message shatters the power structure the disciples are anticipating. And for the Christian, this should shatter the power structure for us as well.

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