There is uproar right now on whether or not homosexual marriage is going to be allowed for the entire nation. How should Christians respond? Should we make cute little man and woman profile pictures? Should we make not equal symbols as profile pictures? In this note I want to clearly lay out our goal as Christians in such uproar, how we should think, and how the government operates.

Our goal as Christians cannot be to stop sinners from sinning, but to make all things and glorify God. The first century Christians lived among a people who would throw their babies away if they were deformed or unwanted. Christians had no say in the world to even consider stopping them, nor could they stop unbelievers from being who they are. The Christians simply took the babies out of the trash and took care of them. How can you get a sinner to glorify God? Tell the Gospel, pray the Holy Spirit regenerates his heart and he repents and believes. Let me be completely clear with what I’m trying to say: a lot of times Christians are seen as standing against homosexuality which is good, we are supposed to be against sin; however, the hypocrisy comes in when Christians are against homosexual marriage, but not against heterosexual marriage that clearly does not honor God.

Right now, we have the opportunity to voice our opinion against homosexual marriage to the government; but, our understanding of government modus operandi  will help clarify some misconceptions. The lines between the church and the state have been blurred since the beginning of America and are now becoming more distinct arousing discussions such as this. We are called to obey the government at all costs until the point it dishonors God (Romans 13). One has opined that if the government allows more sin then good Christian business owners will have to provide benefits for things they never would before. It must be understood, however, that providing benefits for sinners in no way says, “I support sin!” but it does say, “I support sinners!” Which we do: Christ came not for the righteous, but for the sinners. Believe it or not, we’re all sinners!

However, overall government is a terror to bad conduct (Rom 13). I think it should be understood first that this world should have been like hell once Adam and Eve took of the fruit. The very wrath of God should be pouring out on this world for every little sin. No human but Christ has fully loved God with all their being and we should all burn under His wrath; however, that wrath was taken by Christ for all men (temporarily for unbelievers-common grace, and permanently for believers-effectual grace).

Once sin was set in human’s nature there was no stopping it. It started at eating a fruit, then grew to murder, then grew to every thought and inclination being against God. God brings the flood and sin is under control again for a time. For the Jewish people God established the law to barrier pagan nations and the full extent of sinfulness. Similar to the law, government is established by God. The purpose of government is to keep the sinfulness of humanity in check. Government MUST legislate morality.

What morality government legislates today is highly influenced by western dualism. Western dualism is the idea that one can separate something that is ‘sacred’ from something ‘secular’. This is the reason millions of “Christians” can enjoy church on Sunday and enjoy all the filth on television the rest of the week. Sadly, no distinction should be made between things with God and things without God, because anything can be done in a manner to dishonor God (sin) or to honor God (obedience). Government legislates with a humanist ‘secular’ worldview shoving Christianity in a box called “religion”. Therefore, the government’s legislation will try to back all religions (postmodernism) and come at it from a humanistic worldview (what will benefit all of humans living right now the most?)

People wonder why the government can incur all this debt and not be concerned about the future America. Given their worldview it makes complete sense. Humanist worldview can claim they are worried about the entirety of humanity all they want; however, given abortion, homosexuality, vast government debt, it is obvious one thing matters: self-preservation and self-satisfaction.

What about marriage? How should a humanistic government legislate marriage? As whatever benefits all of humans living right now the most. Postmodernism says, “anything goes!” Given these two ideas, it makes sense for government to say homosexual marriage is okay because it provides equal opportunity for all people no matter what inclinations they are born with (humanism). The only thing that stops government form legalizing it in humanistic thinking is “religion” and the amount of people against legalizing it.

It seems the only reason people outside the church desire marriage is because of the government benefits of being married. C.S. Lewis in his book Mere Christianity argues that if marriage as a contract adds nothing to “being in love” then it shouldn’t be done. Given a secular humanist worldview there is NO point to marriage except to gain government benefits (and maybe to say “I love you enough to spend the rest of my life with you” but any infatuated person can say that and change a year or two down the road).

Now, if the government stays the same, praise God. If the government changes legislation, praise God. God makes all things work together for the good of those that love Him and are called according to His purpose. It’s easy to see where the government has stopped homosexual couples from dishonoring God in some “marriage covenant” designed to be before God; however, the government is not stopping the several heterosexual couples who are in no way honoring God from getting married.

So, why should I as a Christian complain? I can’t. God has ordained the government for a purpose. Maybe if the government does change, maybe it will increase persecution of the church which could help refine the church. We should try to stop unbelievers from sinning, but the only way that is possible is through the Holy Spirit.