Poetry is another wonderful mean of portraying the indescribable riches of the grace of God. The undeniable truth of man’s hopeless state and the beauty of God’s merciful intervention is something that will continue to transform lives until our Lord returns. It is impossible for me to encompass the exquisite elegancies of the new life that is made possible only through Christ. This is a feeble attempt at traversing a foothill of the insurmountable peak of the Gospel. I pray that this poem will edify and encourage you.

Unrelenting Grace

Stone hearts that only offer corrupt contributions.
Abhorred idols on street corners, constituted prostitution
Condemned rebels in need of radical restitution.
In our own fallen power, we have no solution.

But God planned restoration for His creation,
Deliverance to the ones He chose before the earth’s foundation.
Graciously just in His impartial act of predestination,
Reviving dead men into citizens of His holy nation.

Through Christ’s slaughter His sheep are purchased and procured.
The elect are atoned in God’s wrath that Christ endured.
All who believe will never die, they are definitely secured.
Because Christ’s defeat of death gave us an inheritance ensured.

Without the regenerating of the Spirit, we would never choose,
But with a heart of flesh, how could we refuse?
We are enabled to see the Gospel as good news.
God’s mercy is alluringly inescapable from the renewed mind’s view.

God will always be faithful in His promised provision.
He enables saints to glorify Him as we overcome opposition,
Strength to fight the good fight, to fulfill the Great Commission.
Unable to be plucked from His hand, we are His eternal coalition.

In Him,
Jaxon Hart