Black Lives Matter, that is the avid Marxist institution (not the declarative truth), has come up with school curriculum to indoctrinate the upcoming generations on their version of justice. Justice comes in a variety of forms, and the type supported by BLM is called “Restorative Justice.” This, as defined by Crash Course Philosophy (used by BLM curriculum) is, “the focus is on making amends rather than on making the wrongdoer suffer.” So, instead of incarcerating a perpetrator, restorative justice forces the perpetrator to “restore” what was broken and receive help to prevent from doing it again. Thus, their curriculum for middle and high school students sets up a mock court case in which the students decide the appropriate punishment from our society and ancient African society. The conclusion:

The results of the two trials should be very different.  Students, not fully aware of how they are influenced by the culture of justice in our society, will more than likely hand down a punishment in the first trial, maybe even jail time.  If they internalize the laws and principles from the document [that is, Some Political Theories and Principles of Ancient African Constitution Law], the second trial should result in them deciding that there is shared responsibility between the community and the accused and they must somehow decide how all entities can work together to prevent said crime from occurring again.

This version of justice is further defined by their curriculum for elementary aged kids, “We know that if you knock down someone’s block building, you have to help them rebuild it, you can’t just say, “Sorry,” and walk away.  Another way to say that is restorative justice, and it’s the idea that we have to help people when something happens to them, even if it was by accident.” Or to modernize their illustration: If you knock down someone’s statue. . . oh wait. Well, this justice doesn’t have to work in all cases. You know, logic = whiteness according to the Smithsonian.

One of the major battle cries for the Black Lives Matter Movement is, “Justice!” Which, at the onset, I wholeheartedly agree. Where police brutality and tribalistic discrimination is concerned, justice should be dealt. But remember, “justice” for BLM is “restorative,” right? So, if whiteness came by a knocked down the block building of the justice system, how can we come along and help rebuild it? I mean, that is restorative justice, right? If justice equals restoration, then how can we as a community (or comrades as BLM like to use) restore the police?

“We’ve tried that. We’ve tried police reform over many many years and still it stays the same. . .” says Black Lives Matter Managing Director Kailee Scales. So BLM demands the police/government to enforce restorative justice; however in the meanwhile, what kind of justice do they demand for the police? What kind of justice is being demanded for the man who murdered George Floyd? What about when the glorious revolution comes and police is done away with and the new replacements (more education/therapy) don’t work?

A Christian Response

  1. All governments in a fallen world will be corrupt to some extent, some more than others.
  2. Christians must fight injustices at the individual and societal levels.
  3. Marxism and anarchy will atrophy American justice rather than bolster it. Therefore, Christians must reject the Black Lives Matter Movement (who are, according to admission, trained Marxists).
Here, Abraham Hamilton discusses the Marxists intentions behind “defunding the police”

In reality BLM stands behind pawn justice. That is, justice is just a pawn to fulfill their Marxist agendas. BLM does not really care about black lives or justice. If that were the case, as many others have pointed out, they would have done away with the eugenicist agenda of Planned Parenthood whose founder desired to rid the earth of black “weeds.” Planned Parenthood murders exponentially more innocent blacks than police ever could.

The only person who indiscriminately cares about black lives, selflessly, with no chance of political gain, or platforming, or power grab is Jesus Christ. Secularism and especially Darwinism cannot explain why any human life matters. Christ endows black lives with more than just they “matter.” One day, Christ will return, and then he will make the crooked straight. All injustice will be destroyed by his might. And his kingdom will be established on true justice forevermore.